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What to be on a sales page

A sales page is the most important page for you to have to help you sell online. The ultimate is to get people straight away purchase online.

Below are some tips to follow

  1. Credibility – to tell who you are and why people should listen to you and read further
  2. Build enthusiasm. What excite the users, and communicate what they want to hear. It’s not about your product, it’s all about them!
  3. Remove worries and anxieties. Money back guarantee, free trial, no credit card needed, can unsubscribe anytime etc. This will help remove barrier for people to purchase or take action
  4. Tell users WHY. People are more interested with the end result. Not the task. Forget about what they should do and how to do it. Tell they why they should do or should have.
  5. Use “people proof”. Tell success stories about real people, real business that are just like them. How skeptical there was previously, how they finally make it

Sales Ideas

Some sales ideas that can be implemented

Getting leads

  1. Online advertisement
    1. google ad
    2. facebook ad
    3. ad portal
    4. relevant whatsapp group
    5. relevant fb group
  2. Media advertisement
  3. Sponsor relevant events
  4. Write articles – newspaper or online
  5. Agents and resellers
    1. give good commissions to this sales partner
    2. support
    3. sales materials to help them do the sales
  6. Referrals (from existing customers, own networking that relate to prospects)
  7. Cold calls – from internet – website, fb etc
  8. SEO – optimize keywords on website, get more traffic to website
  9. Blog – add more useful and relevant contents and lead to the website
  10. Attend relevant events – seminar, expo
  11. Viral relevant content – ebook, infographic, quotes

Sales process/pitching/selling

  1. facts and figures
    1. number of customers
    2. since when
  2. build trust
    1. secure (for software – ssl)
    2. purchased by many others
    3. experience
  3. overview of products benefits and features
    1. infographic
    2. explainer video

Closing sales

  1. Create urgency
    1. limited time offer
    2. while stock last
    3. first xx customers
  2. money back guarantee (remove risk)
  3. free trial (try before buy)
  4. give max 3 options
    1. up sell
    2. cross sell
    3. under sell?

Business system

In order for business to expand, we have to set a system around it. It should cover all business activities. Starting from the most important ones.


  • always-on marketing (capture leads)
    • google adwords
    • ad portal
    • whatsapp groups (what message to send, must be different everytime)
    • learn not to hard sell


  • copywriting on website
  • sales materials for whatsapp
    • write up and videos

Customer enrollment

  • online form for important information. Complete with description and guide on screen
  • first time migration or even “self migration”


  • tracking system – open -> close
  • user guide
  • on screen guide (especiall when fill up form)
  • video guide – on important process/flow

Customer satisfaction

  • auto online survey form after a specific period of time
  • ask what they like most and what they hate most
  • what they wish to have


  • prioritize
  • for features, try to split in phase if too big


  • how to ensure not repeat
  • how to revert if has error

Business Notes

Some business points that I have compiled from my readings and experience.

  1. Solve people’s problem. Can start with own problem face. A lot of products in the world are result from some frustrations, problems etc of the founder.
  2. Start with what you have. Start with how much you have and can burn, with what technology/tools you know, with who you know. Don’t wait everything perfect to only to start.
  3. Validate with MVP (minimum viable product) or RAT (riskiest assumption tests). Don’t spend everything you have to start. Start small, get real feedback. Are people willing to spend money to buy and use your product?
  4. Economy of scale – a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production. Specifically referring to manufacturing but also applicable to other industries
  5. Focus on activity that yield the most return/profit/revenue. There are activities that create values, others don’t create any values. It is called waste.
  6. Eliminate. Automate. Delegate

Productivity Notes

3P – Plan. Prioritize. Perform

Time wasters – recognize them and develop strategies to deal with them

  1. perfectionism – focus first on doing right things, before doing all things right
  2. multitasking- use time block to focus on one thing at a time
  3. procrastination
    1. confusing activities with accomplishment
    2. apply 80/20 rules to prioritize and get important things done fast
    3. break to smaller achievable tasks
    4. take the first step. just do it
  4. interruption
  5. looking for things
  6. meetings
  7. too much time spend for management

7 Levers of Business

This taken from 7leversofbusiness

1. Traffic
– advertise
– get leads/traffic
– from events,

2. Opt-Ins
– convert leads to real prospect
– phone/email queries, subscription
– offer something free to get in touch/follow up
– get minimum info – name, email or phone

3. Conversions
– testimonials
– guarantees
– money back
– payment options
– strong brand
– ask for the sale

4. Items per Sale
– offer add-ons – (e.g. date entry, website building)
– package the deal

5. Average Sale Price
– increase price. – give more value
– be a market leader

6. Transactions per Customer
– recurring bills
– repeat sales.
– sales other things – membership, info product
– sales same things again

7. Profit Margin
– decrease cost
– nego with suppliers
– improve product line. push for high margin products
– reduce expenditure
– reduce staff, automate things, find partners

Increase small percentage on each level will contribute significant improvement in business profit.

Internet marketing and sales

Steps for doing sales and marketing on the internet.

  1. Set several advertisement online – classifieds, google adwords, facebook ads
  2. Let the visitors land on the squeeze page and leave their email address. In return, provide free tips, free report
  3. Set at least 5 autoresponders to send out the promised report and tips to build credibility
  4. Send subscribers to a sales page to sell products
  5. Send subscribers to other recommended products as well
  6. Anyway don’t just sell, give also valuable free information
  7. Once in a while, can also broadcast email for some good news (normally more free information, tools and promotions)

Books for startups

Some books recommended for startups and entrepreneurs.

  1. Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. The Small Army Strategy – Srinivas Rao
  3. Think like a rock star – Mack Collier
  4. Blogging the smart way – Jeff Bullas
  5. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  6. 4 hour workweek – Tim Ferriss
  7. Rework – Jason Fried
  8. Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a six figure income – Darren Rowse, Chris Garrett, Problogger
  9. The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau
  10. The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

Read detail reviews for each

2 simple tips to success

Go this from my recent reading and thing this is helpful in many ways.

1. Stick to what you do – don’t always change mind, stick to what you do, believe in it and go for it

2. Be different – be outstanding, be different. In term of design, the way you do things, the way you communicate, be transparent, don’t hide, be honest etc etc.

Communicate clearly

An important skill to master is communicate clearly in simplest form possible. You can write maybe 3 paragraph to explain on something but you have option just to write maybe 2 sentences to cover what you want to deliver.

Something that you need to consider when writing.

1. Level of understanding on the recipient side. It varies among different people. So try to suit them.

2. Use shorter sentence

3. Re-read before send and try to make it even simpler. Remove the unnecessary. Simplify the rest.

When you can master this skill, your message will become clearer to the recipient. Less problem will raise because of misunderstanding or even not understand at all.