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Setting PATH in Mac OSX

In order for any executable to run anywhere in terminal, we need to set the $PATH to the directory.

You can check which directory can be globally accessed by typing this command

echo $PATH

  1. To add that path to the file, login as root
  2. Type nano /etc/paths
  3. Edit the file to add another path
  4. Save and exit
  5. You need to restart the terminal in order for change to take effect


Different type of sleep mode on Mac

Go to terminal, type this command line

pmset -g | grep hibernatemode

The result will be either of the following

  • 0 = normal sleep for desktop (save in memory. use low power)
  • 1 = hibernate (save in hard disk. total off)
  • 3 = safe sleep (save in memory and hard disk. use low power)

To change, type this command line,

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode X

(X to replace with either 0, 1 or 3)

Mac shortcuts

Some important (sometimes) for Mac

  1. To force quite application – Command+Option+Esc
  2. To show desktop – fn+F11 (volume down)
  3. To open a file – Command+O
  4. To open spotlight (quick launcher) – Command+space bar
  5. To screenshot and auto create file on desktop
  6. To screenshot but just copy in clipboard
  7. To insert row in Google spreadsheet – select whole row and cmd + alt + + OR
    cmd + alt + + then choose R