Web sales copy checklist

If you want to sell online. Pay attention. You need all the following in your page..

  1. Powerful and attention grabbing headline
  2. One line to summarize top 3 benefits
  3. Establish your credibitly – who are you and why they need to listen to you
  4. Problem & solution – describe the problem, how big can it grow and what solution you have for that problem
  5. About the product – tell more about the product. Always relate the features to benefits
  6. Give examples for them to feel – demo, trial, sample, example
  7. Again – the benefits in bullet form
  8. Testimonials – don’t listen to us, listen to what other people have to say about us
  9. Do comparison to show it is really valuable
  10. Give reason why the price is like that or why you are giving this away with this price
  11. Give bonus – create greedy mentality
  12. Remove barrier. Offer guarantee, money back
  13. Very clear and easy to order – 1-3 steps
  14. Add the P.S – last chance to persuade

Add few “order here” link on the page – after testimonials, benefits, why the price so low, bonus, p.s.

2 thoughts on “Web sales copy checklist

  1. HawkEYE

    One question though..

    How to get the testimonial up before the product actually out ?

    pre-release ?

    just curious if releasing an ebook , what “modus-operandi” would be the most feasable ?

    1. a random link created for user to download each time.
    2. a script to email out ebook each time user complete transaction.
    3. hosting to 3rd party to handle it.

  2. admin

    You can get testimonial from free copy you distribute before launch where the receivers need to provide feedback/testimonials in return of the free copy.

    As for the download can use few methods
    – protected folder
    – yes random code generated from invoice/payment id

    I never used 3rd party before this. For international market, the most popular is clickbank.com

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