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Productivity tips working from home

This post is more for my personal notes. Here are something you can do to stay productive even working at home.

1. Set a clear goal. For example to complete task A, B and C and stick to it. You don’t have to set so many goals to achieve. 3 important tasks per day is good enough.

2. Prepare a comfortable work station. Yes you can work anywhere but this place is where you’ll spend most of your time productively

3. Stay away from distraction as much as you could. Stay away from TV, from children (while you work), from your gadgets as well if it has nothing to do with your work.

4. Stick to your own productive time. Range of time where you can do your work most effectively. It can be 2 hours in the morning and 5 hours at night. During this time force yourself to finish as much work as possible.

5. Take a quick 10 minutes break every now and then. After a long working period. For example 5-10 minutes break to go to the toilet and have a drink after 40 minutes of working

6. Just do it! This is the mentality we need. Think small thing to achieve in a short time. Just start doing it right away. If you can continue working after finish the small task, it is a bonus. The key here is to START

7. Prioritize. Do what important and has most significance first.

8. Break one huge tasks to smaller ones. Then focus to finish the small tasks one at a time.

9. Share achievements with others. Good to share achievements (read progress) with your boss or if you don’t have one, with your partners or friends.

10. Be responsible! You are an adult. You know you are paid to do the work or you must complete the work. So do it because it is your responsible.