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Atom text editor – my settings and packages used

Atom is a text editor by github.

Some important shortcut to use

  • command+P = to open new file in new tab
  • Cmd+F  = search in active file
  • Cmd+Shift+F = search in project
  • Cmd+Shift+W = close tab
  • Cmd+Shift+W = close window
  • Cmd+/ = to comment code line (just place cursor anywhere on the line)
  • Cmd+Shift+D = duplicate line
  • Cmd+, = open settings
  • Cmd+O = open folder as project
  • Cmd+R = go to function or symbol in active file

Full shortcut reference

Important things you should know

  • Open settings (Cmd+O)
    • go to install to install a new package
    • go to package – to disable, change settings for installed package

Some of settings for my Atom editor


  • use default. seems it is very acceptable now.


  • linter
  • linter-php
  • autoclose-html – to automatically add close tag
  • project-quick-open – just enter ctrl-atl-P to open folder list in htdocs (must first set path in core settings)
  • docblockr (document tools) – easy for commenting (esp for function comment)
  • symbols-tree-view – to view functions, variables (or both) in a list. Can sort by alphabetical order
  • autocomplete-php – to get suggestions on php functions plus parameters to pass
  • goto-definition – able to go to function definition when press cmd+alt+enter
  • goto-declaration – to be able to use, need to create ctags by using