Using wordpress as wiki

In an organization, there are information that are important enough to be documented. As a reference for all the members in the future.

I’ve tried several wiki applications and most of them are not friendly enough. So I decided to move to wordpress as a wiki alternative. To sort content by “category”, to have “page” as static information and “post” for other findings and on-going updates.

With the search function, it is very helpful to find any information within the ‘wiki’.


  • MyWiki
    • create a page and set template for the page follow “Wiki Template”
    • then set the page created as “static page” in Appearance > Customize

Plugins used

  • manage user access –  user access manager
  • file upload
  • file view (esp attachment like image and pdf)


  • disable comment features
    • Settings > Discussion > Untick “Allow comments on new articles”
  • set permalink
    • Settings > Permalinks > Choose “Post Name”


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