Unifi router default password

Login to router via or

1. For L7 Networks brand

username: operator
password: h566UniFi

2. For dlink brand

username: admin
password: <no password>

Some other to try if the 2 above failed (username/password)

  1. tmadmin/<no password>
  2. admin/telekom
  3. operator/telekom
  4. Management/TestingR2

Did the above mentioned username and pass work for you? Please take few sec to reply in the comment area. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Unifi router default password

  1. Ammar Azrin

    ummm,a question why does it says 404 not found with a pink-coloured background?
    and how to avoid that…

  2. invtr Post author

    Detail pls.
    1. What IP you are accessing?
    2. Screenshot of the page?
    3. Are you on what OS – windows/Mac OS?

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