Resume do’s and don’ts

If you are sending out resume to apply for job, please follow the following rules

  • Prepare and send your resume in PDF format. With this your resume formatting will appear same all the time
  • Please always include your LATEST and most PRESENTABLE photo
  • Don’t name your file as resume.doc. Use resume_yourname.pdf instead. Remember not only you that send resume to apply for the job
  • Use email with your real name, not your cat’s name or whatever crazy name. For example NOT
  • Tell about your experience and what you HAVE DONE. Not about what subjects you took during your study. Describe the task, your role and other related information (e.g. technology used, party involved etc)
  • There is no limit of page for a resume. Don’t buy to idea that you need to limit to 1 page, 2 pages or maximum 4 pages. If you write the right thing, people will read it from beginning to the end

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