Kill those malwares/virus

Lots of new virus and malware nowadays. Keep your PC safe with these tools

AVG Free

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Another thing, try avoid using Internet Explorer. Google Chrome can better protect you from infected websites.

If you are using open source application like wordpress. Ensure that

  • you are using the latest version
  • your password is secure with at least 8 alphanumeric character with mix of special character and lower/upper case character
  • you are using 3rd party plugins/themes from only reliable sources
  • if possible try remove standard footer and header generated by the application (please read the terms first)

Other tips

  • Don’t login to your web application in public and unsecure place or PC’s like in cyber cafe etc
  • If you suspect your account was hacked, immediately change the password and inform your system admin or hosting/technical support

Updated: Don’t eve save password in FTP client application like Filezilla. They save your password in flat file and easily read by any other application

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