Tools to develop cross-platform mobile application

Now I’m doing some research to start developing mobile applications.

There are several tools came out when I was doing the search.

  1. (previously free
  2. mit appinventor – almost similar to kodular and thunkable. free
  3. – tested and ok. complete video tutorial. free for public project. usd200/yr for private (promo at usd100/yr)
  4. by google
  5. kikApp – develop with PHP
  6. phonegap – develop with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Pay to build?
  7. monaca – build online, use onsen ui
  8. Appcelerator – use Javascript. Free to join and develop. Pay only when go live. Minimum USD39/mo
  9. Xamarin – with free package with limited app size
  10. Corona SDK – with free package
  11. Meteor – open source, javascript
  12. AppsMoment – online GUI tool
  13. – app prototyping

Drag and drop tools


Website to APK conversion tools

  1. appstrand – free tool. no ad
  2. web2apk – free with donation. claim with no ads
  3. websitetoapk – start with free and no ad, premium with more features like push notification etc

Registration to place app on market

  1. Apple app store – USD99 (per year)
  2. Google play – USD25 (one-time)

Other related tools

  1. android app launch icon generator
  2. – html5 hybrid template
  3. framework7 – html framework for html5
  4. one signal – for push notification
  5. firebase – can also use for push notification
  6. progressive web app – web apps but fast, responsive

Other tools (need to filter all the ads etc)

  1. – convert your website to app in 3 easy steps. – name your app, enter url, add icon – charge per conversion is USD9 (one time) for android app and usd249 for ios
  7. free app building with revenue sharing from ad

html5 mobile app

  1. – free 30-day trial for all package
  3. free native app with ad supported, 5 push notification
  4. – free native app with ad supported.

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