Problem with Chromecast connecting to D-link 615 Router

This has been a long-dragging problem for me. As for record, here I list all possible solutions suggested by people from various sources

  1. change wireless settings to
    1. single mode N only,
    2. WPA2 only,
    3. AES (instead of TKIP) only
  2. flash rom with DDWRT (haven’t tried, please be careful with this)
    1. anyway, a comment from a forum: Flashing DDWRT isn’t too hard, just download a file and upload via the web interface. Just make sure you get the right file and read the instructions a few times all the way through before you attempt it
    2. extra reading DDWRT on lifehacker
    3. comment from forum also: is it pretty much: hard reset, upload factory firmware, hard reset, upload current firmware? That’s pretty much it. It’s actually only 15mins work
    4. list of routers that can install DDWRT. Seems that  mine can’t – D-Link G2
  3. purchase a new router that is proven compatible with chromecast (especially in your country/area). For example Asus RT-AC68U, TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND
    1. unifi router list
    2. unifi router list 2

Wireless settings can be found at

  1. Setup (top bar) > wireless setup (left bar) > manual wireless connection set up
  2. Advanced (top bar) > advanced wireless (left bar)
  3. IP for router normally (or
  4. Username: admin. Password: (just leave empty)

Other sources

  1. Chromecast compatible router list (D-link 615 firmware version 5.1 listed there. My version is G2 firmeware version 7.19)
  2. Forum 1
  3. Forum 2 – DDWRT solution

Update: My solution as at 2015-12-21:

Purchased a HDMI cable extension M and F ends 1.5 meters. Make the chromecast device out from back of the TV to get stronger wireless signal. Solved.


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