Monthly Archives: November 2016

Motivation and self-help topics

Some topics that can be presented during a meeting to boost team motivation.

  1. proactive vs reactive
  2. productive is producing some results
  3. efficient vs effective
  4. focus
  5. reliable
  6. ready, fire, aim
  7. 2-minute rule
  8. progress
  9. goal, plan, execute
  10. responsive
  11. quick win
  12. quality over quantity
  13. less is more
  14. create value
  15. eliminate waste
  16. prioritize
  17. important vs urgent
  18. emotional bank/deposit

SMS Gateway Service

SMS gateway services for Malaysians. Mostly with short/long code and API  integration.

  1. – with reseller program, as low as 3sen, no detail pricing
  2. – credit never expires, can buy minimum 1,000 credit with RM90

Some application also apply for android for bulk sms sending. Good if use with unlimited SMS package by telco.