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How to solve disk usage 100%

You need to increase the virtual memory.

Set the setting as below

  • initial size – set equal to RAM size
  • maximum size – set double the RAM size

To do this, follow the following steps:
1. Go to Control Panel> All control panel items > System
2. Click on Advanced system settings
3. Under performance, click on settings
4. Go to Advanced tab
5. Under Virtual memory, click on Change
6. UN-check “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” check box
7. Select your windows drive (where OS is installed)
8. Click on Custom size radio button
9. Set Initial size equivalent to your RAM size in MB
10. Set Maximum size to twice of your RAM size in MB
11. Click on Set
12. Click on OK thrice
13. Restart your system

This should resolve this issue,

Disable windows 10 upgrade notification

It is annoying sometimes. Use this simple freeware named Never10 to disable it.

This program will only change some configuration of windows to disallow windows to display the notification.

Excerpt from the website:

The elegance of this “Never 10” utility, is that it does not
install ANY software of its own. It simply and quickly
performs the required system editing for its user.

Windows 10 free upgrade will end on 29 July 2016

Lost windows password. This tools can help to reset

I faced a problem with a lost of password for a windows PC. Here what I did

  1. Download ISO for bootable Offline Windows Password here. Scroll down to download section and download regardless you want to build CD or USB boot
  2. Crete a bootable USB with rufus
  3. Boot using the USB thumb drive and just go through the questions. You can reset and enable any user account.

Credit to for the info