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Some uncommon Windows Shortcut

  • Windows+S – open search box (for Windows 10)
  • Windows+E – open Windows explorer
  • Windows +R – open Run box – then can run command, control panel etc
  • Windows+I – open Settings
  • Windows+Pause/Break – show System Information (windows ver, system hardware, computer name etc)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc – open Task Manager

Tips to speed up Windows

Some tips to speed up Windows operating system

  1. check which program use the most resources (especially memory) and remove or disable if possible
  2. disable some unused startup programs
  3. remove unused programs in the PC
  4. remove unused plugins or extensions in web browser
  5. defragment hard disk
  6. reinstall windows (please backup all important files – e.g. on my document, desktop, emails). With Windows 8 onwards, you have option to “reset” the PC
  7. upgrade RAM (memory). limit for 32-bit OS is 4GB only
  8. use SSD (solid state drive)

Introduction to Google Drive

Register an account with company address

Familiarize with the navigation

  • folder list “my drive”, “shared with me”
  • file list by icon or list
  • search files
  • creating new documents
  • type of documents supported – e.g. google docs, google sheets

Google Docs

  • create new document
  • change title
  • share docs – enter email and set either can edit, comment or view only
  • basic formatting

Google Sheets

  • create new
  • share
  • freeze rows
  • basic formula – add
  • color
  • sort
  • filter
  • notification rules

Common features

  • File > See revision history
  • Format > Conditional formatting
  • File > Print

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Now looking for a CMMS sometimes called Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Below are the list found. Don’t have time to review all of them. Sort by my personal preference.

  1. MaintenanceAssistant – mobile app avail. top search on play store. starts at usd19/user/month, pricing, free version
  2. HyppoCMMS – mobile app avail. free trial
  3. UpKeep – comes with free edition. mobile app avail
  4. Engica – look like preferred by big co.
  5. MaintenanceConnection – seems like an enterprise solution
  6. Yardi – mobile app avail. no pricing on web.
  7. LightHouse
  8. BigFoot – mobile app avail.
  9. FMWorks – mobile app avail.
  10. FMX – pricing calc on site
  11. Comma – free version with ad supported avail.

Open source

  1. MaintenanceDB – run on PHP, MySQL
  2. OpenMAINT

Other CMMS in list/directory

  1. list 1
  2. list 2