Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sources of responsive design template

Below are some sources of responsive design template that you can use. Most are free.

  1. – free HTML5 responsive template (not boostrap)
  2. shapebootstrap – free bootstrap template. need to register and login
  3. freshdesignweb – 70+ free boostrap template. compilation from various sites
  4. boostrapzero – free bootstrap templates. one-page, admin
  5. wrapbootstrap – paid bs templates. many categories – business, resume, admin, landing, portfolio. avg price $10
  6. themeforest – paid templates – bs, wordpress etc. more than 21k templates available.
  7. blacktie – compilation of templates
  8. compilation of free admin bootstrap template

How to use 2 numbers for whatsapp

I have 2 numbers and both are using whatsapp. The problem with this is I have to carry 2 devices (smart phones) every where I go.

There are solutions to this by root your device and install some app that can cater for 2 numbers. But the solution is not that practical.

What I do is to use to open both numbers. One is opened in Google Chrome. Another one is set to be opened in Firefox browser.

So when I’m working on my notebook (most of the time), it is very easy for me to check both whatsapp messages for both numbers.