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7 Levers of Business

This taken from 7leversofbusiness

1. Traffic
– advertise
– get leads/traffic
– from events,

2. Opt-Ins
– convert leads to real prospect
– phone/email queries, subscription
– offer something free to get in touch/follow up
– get minimum info – name, email or phone

3. Conversions
– testimonials
– guarantees
– money back
– payment options
– strong brand
– ask for the sale

4. Items per Sale
– offer add-ons – (e.g. date entry, website building)
– package the deal

5. Average Sale Price
– increase price. – give more value
– be a market leader

6. Transactions per Customer
– recurring bills
– repeat sales.
– sales other things – membership, info product
– sales same things again

7. Profit Margin
– decrease cost
– nego with suppliers
– improve product line. push for high margin products
– reduce expenditure
– reduce staff, automate things, find partners

Increase small percentage on each level will contribute significant improvement in business profit.

Internet marketing and sales

Steps for doing sales and marketing on the internet.

  1. Set several advertisement online – classifieds, google adwords, facebook ads
  2. Let the visitors land on the squeeze page and leave their email address. In return, provide free tips, free report
  3. Set at least 5 autoresponders to send out the promised report and tips to build credibility
  4. Send subscribers to a sales page to sell products
  5. Send subscribers to other recommended products as well
  6. Anyway don’t just sell, give also valuable free information
  7. Once in a while, can also broadcast email for some good news (normally more free information, tools and promotions)

Angular JS basic

<script src=""></script>
Name : <input type="text" />
<h1>Hello {{name}}</h1>

Some quick notes

  • must be within ng-app
  • can specify default value with ng-init
  • ng-model to define value to be displayed later in place holder
  • use double curly braces as place holder to display value hold by ng-model