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Google spreadsheet – function to split comma separated string to few lines

Face this problem to split address to few lines for printing purpose.

Example address:

No. 1 Road 2, Happy Park, 43800 Big Town, My State


No. 1 Road 2,
Happy Park,
43800 Big Town,
My State

Just use this function besides the cell.

=SUBSTITUTE(A1, ",", char(10))

Replace A1 with the cell number.

Another related function is SPLIT.

Cloud accounting

Some choices for accounting software hosted on cloud.


  1. xero
  2. quick books (for malaysia)

From Malaysia

  1. treezsoft (RM120/mo)
  2. biztory
  3. office central
  4. (free for 90 trans per month)

Free open source

  1. simpleInvoices (not full account. just invoice)
  3. accounter
  4. invoice plane

Free for small business (paid with extra features)

  1. pandle
  2. wave
  3. due invoicing (invoice only)

Some uncommon mysql command






Example: select * from users where (find_in_set (5, access_string) > 0);

will return position of the key if found in string. else will return 0 for not found or NULL if field is NULL

PHP date function

Some useful date hacks

  1. Display only date when receiving full datetime type from MySQL
echo date('Y-m-d',strtotime($mysql_datetime));

2. Add or subtract x days or months to a date.