Monthly Archives: October 2013

Good support service

Information Technology is popular as a service industry. The support is the most important activity.

Some of important practice on email support.

  1. Reply promptly. Not 2 days after or ignore it.
  2. If cannot settle issue immediately, give some estimation when to revert
  3. Use short and simple words. Can save time and also can avoid grammar mistakes
  4. Whenever possible, use numbering or bullet to show separation of points

A simple email reminder

Usually I used to use Google Calendar to set an event and reminder to the event. But there are features that are unnecessary that make things a bit complicated.

I found a simpler reminder application that is much easier to set up and just serve the purpose (to send an email reminder for an event)

Check it out –>

Using wordpress as wiki

In an organization, there are information that are important enough to be documented. As a reference for all the members in the future.

I’ve tried several wiki applications and most of them are not friendly enough. So I decided to move to wordpress as a wiki alternative. To sort content by “category”, to have “page” as static information and “post” for other findings and on-going updates.

With the search function, it is very helpful to find any information within the ‘wiki’.


  • MyWiki
    • create a page and set template for the page follow “Wiki Template”
    • then set the page created as “static page” in Appearance > Customize

Plugins used

  • manage user access –  user access manager
  • file upload
  • file view (esp attachment like image and pdf)


  • disable comment features
    • Settings > Discussion > Untick “Allow comments on new articles”
  • set permalink
    • Settings > Permalinks > Choose “Post Name”