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Blue Ocean Strategy – Overview

I’m now reading the Blue Ocean Strategy book. Below are some important notes that I can capture from the book.

Difference between substitute and alternative
– substitute – different product, same function
– alternative – different function, same purpose

Value innovation – key factor in blue ocean
– new innovation that creates value to the customers yet reduce cost to the supplier

6 principles of blue ocean strategy

1. Reconstruct market boundaries
2. Focus on big picture not the numbers
3. Reach beyond existing demand
4. Get the strategic sequence right

5. Overcome key organizational hurdles
6. Build execution into strategy

Analytical Tools and Framework

  1. Strategy canvas
  2. Four actions framework
  3. Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create grid (ERRC)
  4. 3 characteristics of good strategy (focus, divergence, compelling tagline)


Unifi router default password

Login to router via or

1. For L7 Networks brand

username: operator
password: h566UniFi

2. For dlink brand

username: admin
password: <no password>

Some other to try if the 2 above failed (username/password)

  1. tmadmin/<no password>
  2. admin/telekom
  3. operator/telekom
  4. Management/TestingR2

Did the above mentioned username and pass work for you? Please take few sec to reply in the comment area. Thanks.

Staff quality

Some of the quality that all staffs should have.

  • High productivity and result oriented
  • Committed and have sense of responsibility
  • Great communication skill with team members and customers
  • Know how to prioritize
  • Proactive, starter and can initiate new things
  • Critical thinker

Mac shortcuts

Some important (sometimes) for Mac

  1. To force quite application – Command+Option+Esc
  2. To show desktop – fn+F11 (volume down)
  3. To open a file – Command+O
  4. To open spotlight (quick launcher) – Command+space bar
  5. To screenshot and auto create file on desktop
  6. To screenshot but just copy in clipboard
  7. To insert row in Google spreadsheet – select whole row and cmd + alt + + OR
    cmd + alt + + then choose R