Monthly Archives: November 2012

2nd CNAME for blogspot

Google just introduced another security level to set custom domain for Besides normal to be added to the CNAME record in domain, user needs to add another 2nd unique CNAME record.

You can get the 2nd CNAME by following below steps

1. Go to blogger setting for any blog

Settings > Basic

2. Under “Publishing”, click on “Add a custom domain”
3. Click “Switch to advanced settings”
4. Enter your registered domain name
5. Click “settings instructions”

6. Choose type of domain to install.

e.g.  “On a top-level domain (”

7. Get the CNAME under “CNAME” subject

Add two CNAME records. For the first CNAME, where it says Name, Label or Host enter “qprm” and where it says Destination, Target or Points To enter “” . For the second CNAME, enter “OKQFRCLFFBSL” as the Name and “” as the Destination. See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars. If yours isn’t listed, or if you run into
other difficulties, contact your registrar directly and they can help you out.

Remove contact from google app contact list

I tried to remove a contact of a friend since he has a new email address. Few times I mistakenly sent to his old email address. But I couldn’t found where to go about to remove the old email address.

After wandering around, I found this hidden link to contact to remove a friend’s contact.

Click on the “Contact” link

Search for a contact

Click on the More > Delete contact

You are done removing a contact in your contact list.