Some general info for reference regarding MRSM TAR (MRSM Tun Abdul Razak), Pekan Pahang

Jadual pulang bermalam (2017)

  1. 22/07 – 23/07
  2. 26/08 – 03/09
  3. 07/10 – 8/10
  4. 21/10 – 22/10
  5. 26/11 – 31/12

Download borang pulang bermalam
(untuk tarikh yg tidak tersenarai di atas)

Cara penghantaran borang

  1. Isi borang PB di atas
  2. Scan dan email kepada mrsm_pekan @
  3. Minta anak pergi ke pejabat pada hari Khamis/Jumaat untuk semak keputusan



Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Tun Abdul Razak
KM 29, Jalan Kuantan-Pekan,
Pulau Serai,
43100 Pekan,
Pahang Darul Makmur


No Tel Pejabat: 09-4260163/175/176
No Tel Pengetua: 09-4260170
No Fax: 09-4260170

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Looking for a used car

Getting yourself a used car has some advantages. The most severe one is you save thousands of your money. But need to be very careful in order to get a used car with good condition.

If you are looking for a used car, try out the following websites.

  1. – huge list of cars available
  2. – most of the list are more or less the same with mudah. especially from car dealer
  3. – there is a rating from Goo KANTEI for the condition of the car. For some cars. Can find more cars directly from owners
  4. – related to and

the rest not worth to mention here. Don’t have many listings

Some general tips to purchase second hand car

  1. if possible check why previous owner sell
  2. before go to see, ask questions over the phone. The most important one whether the car still available
  3. ask to see the grant
  4. ask for any other charges on top of car price – insurance, roadtax, change name, puspakom service, loan processing etc.

Some tips on checking the condition of the car

  1. sign of accident (normally with uneven paint)
  2. any leaking on engine and absorber etc
  3. the hose and belts are in acceptable condition
  4. test drive to check on engine is smooth and no irregular sounds from the car body or engine
  5. tyre tread still ok, manufactured not more than 3 years

CodeIgniter vs Laravel

I’ve been using laravel for years already. Now I need to move to Laravel and I need strong reasons why I should.

Here I compiled some

  1. Laravel is truly OOP
  2. The ORM (eloquent) in Laravel is really powerful
  3. Can tune the speed with cache and queue
  4. Artisan command that really help doing job faster – e.g. creating controllers, models, run migration (database) etc.
  5. Migration that acts like database version control for the development team
  6. RESTful resource controllers
  7. Many available packages developed by other programmers that can be used
  8. More support, community, references. e.g.,
  9. Powerful routes
  10. Class autoloading?

And below are the articles you may wan to read that are also my reference to the above points.

  1. laravel vs CI. A difficult choice