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Alternative to Adsense

Found a review about (used by bing and yahoo). The rate is just bit below adsense but not that far compared to other ad networks.

Require one time account approval and need also approval everytime add new website to display ads

Also to study

How to handle checkbox in PHP

Check box handling is bit different compared to other form objects because it can receive multiple values. Here is the HTML code for the form

<input name="fruit[]" type="checkbox" value="a" />Apple
<input name="fruit[]" type="checkbox" value="o" />Orange

and PHP code to handle the checkbox values.

 $fruit = $_POST['fruit'];
   foreach($fruit as $value)
     $string = $value.','.$string;
   $value = rtrim($value, ',');

How to get more from Adsense?

Always been thinking how to improve Google Adsense income but the key things are still back to these 3 criterias:

1. Get more traffic (impression)

– use what ever medium you can think of including video marketing, search engine marketing, social networking (like fb,twitter), social bookmarking (like digg,delicous), article directory, press release, special report, your opt-in list, link from your other websites, your  favorite forums, blog comments, IM status etc

2. Get more clicks (conversion)

– positioning (must be near to main content)
– color scheme (either very same to your color scheme or totally contra)
– ad size – use large ones (728×90,300×250)

3. Target for high-priced ads (value)

– niche with high profit margin, advertiser willing to pay more in advertising if they get more in profit (high margin business)

So what ever you do, don’t forget these 3. Forget about those people selling ‘secrets’ because they will tell all these 3 again with slightly different context. Spare your money to buy some good tools and pay for marketing.